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Mindless Eating?

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Why are we not aware of how much we eat? … it seems that what we see is more important that what we actually eat. We are greatly influenced by packets, colours, because it’s in reach, because it’s free – nothing to do with hunger.

The bottomless soup bowl experiment contrived by Brian Wansink, a Cornell researcher who studies how we eat, proved that our eyes deceive us. He rigged the bowls with a tube so they continually filled up. It appeared that everyone had half a bowl of soup however those with the unrigged bowls ate just half a bowl of soup but those with the rigged bowls just kept eating…three times more actually! With a couple of exceptions people just didn’t notice.

We eat for a variety of reasons… not just because we are hungry or to replenish fuel as we would put petrol into a car. We eat because…

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