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Hi, I’m Susie Ellis, mother of four, a business & lifestyle coach & a qualified Hypnotherapist.  Over the years I have become more and more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not having to worry about my weight and avoiding pharmaceuticals.

It wasn’t always like this though… a close family member [you can guess] was a yo-yo dieter so I learned first hand as a child that his was some sort of addiction.   I didn’t have a weight problem but I gained one because of circumstance.  I even took some amphetamines, supposedly to speed up my metabolism, as a teenager but fortunately I collapsed, stopped taking them & vowed not to go down that route ever again.  Keeping fit and drinking water wasn’t on my family’s agenda.

Later when one of my sons was diagnosed as being hyperactive I read the book ‘E for Additives’ [click here] & was horrified to read about how our food has become adulterated.   That triggered a life long passion for learning the truth and helping others.

But… there has always been part of me who wanted to share the all knowledge I’ve acquired over the years….we just don’t know what we don’t know …so the idea for this site was born

I really appreciate you joining me on this journey of discovery & I would love to hear from you …. do get in touch & tell me how what you’ve learned here has affected your life.



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