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The Benefits of Rebounding…

I don’t know about Chinese herbs but everthing else he says I totally agree with & teach in my videos & books

He is talking at a women’s conference but this also applies to men!

I bought one today & if you would like to buy one too you can find three examples…
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Stevia vs Truvia

How can a green leaf be turned into a white cube?

stevia vs truviaStevia is a green plant native to Paraguay & has been used as a sweetener in South America & Asia for hundreds of years. The leaves when steeped in boiling water give a green extremely sweet liquid which has absolutely no calories. The leaves can be bought fresh, dried or in powdered form.

Something natural like a plant can’t be patented so the “Pharma Cartel” came up with a way of extracting part of the plant & fooling us all by marketing that we are buying the same thing. There is big money to be made from the Diet Industry & something calorie free was bound to be attractive.

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Mindless Eating?

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Why are we not aware of how much we eat? … it seems that what we see is more important that what we actually eat. We are greatly influenced by packets, colours, because it’s in reach, because it’s free – nothing to do with hunger.

The bottomless soup bowl experiment contrived by Brian Wansink, a Cornell researcher who studies how we eat, proved that our eyes deceive us. He rigged the bowls with a tube so they continually filled up. It appeared that everyone had half a bowl of soup however those with the unrigged bowls ate just half a bowl of soup but those with the rigged bowls just kept eating…three times more actually! With a couple of exceptions people just didn’t notice.

We eat for a variety of reasons… not just because we are hungry or to replenish fuel as we would put petrol into a car. We eat because…

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“The 9 Foods You Should Never Eat”

canned food

In the quest to eat healthily and reduce the intake of food that our body just doesn’t know how to digest I was pleased to see the post Dr Mercola put out today…which reminded me that I had originally seen the info about 18 months ago & acted on it!

I love tinned tomatoes but swapped to buying organic ones in cartons or glass bottles after reading what he had to say…

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Attracting Attention…

Hi…. I’ve been away for a few days with my family & I had time to think about how to attract more people’s attention.  I really want to give everyone the chance to make some positive changes in their life…

Then I came across some software which I have been playing about with & in the end I made this short sketch video…

Do let me know what you think about it… it is the very first one so I can only get better!


Be Brilliant


Why Yo-Yo Dieting Doesn’t Work

Why is it that when you go first go on a diet you lose weight but then when you stop dieting you gain the weight back & often gain even more?

It is estimated that 54% of people in the US are trying to lose weight & it’s said that a dieter will try a new plan four times a year…. Weight cycling, as experts call it, or repeated dieting, raises hormone levels which in turn causes you to start putting weight on around your midriff which research has linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

So why does this happen?  Well when you go on a diet & eat fewer calories or fewer carbohydrates, your body goes into famine response. You lose weight from your lean muscle and fluids because your blood sugar drops, your metabolic rate slows down & hormone glucagon is released which burns body

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