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Informative book on food & health by my friend Phillip Day

In 1972 British Scientist John Yudkin first proved that sugar was bad for our health he was ignored by the majority of the medical  profession & rubbished by the food industry.

We ought to have heeded his warning; sugar consumption has tripled since World War II and there is an epidemic of obesity around the globe


Fast food looks good, tastes good, and is cheap, but the real cost never appears on the menu.

Eric Schlosser visits the lab that re-creates the smell of strawberries; examines the safety records of abattoirs; reveals why the fries really taste so good and what lurks between the sesame buns – and shows how fast food is transforming not only our diets but our world.  You might never eat in another fast food outlet ever again after reading this!




This vital guide has led a consumer revolution, causing the food industry to re-think its policy on additives.  This book contains all you need to know about which additives are natural and which can have harmful effects; the reasons behind the use of preservatives, colours and flavourings in our foods; how to make informed choices when you shop.

It helps you understand the lists of additives that appear on the packs of the food you buy, so that you can see exactly what has been added, where it comes from, why it has been added, what it does to the food and – if anything – what it might do to you.






My friend Phillip Day created Credence Publications which is an independent research organisation dedicated to reporting contentious issues that my harm the public.

Their goal is to report properly annotated and verified information that enables all of us to make wise health decisions.

He has written many books [I have most of them now] like ‘Health Wars’ & @The ABCs of Disease’ plus he travels around the world giving talks.  You can check out his schedule to see if he is due to visit a town near you…. it is well worth listening to him!   His site features his own brand of specially selected health products as well as products by other companies that fit into their ethos of healthy living and are of the highest quality.

Click his logo above & take a look around



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