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Susie is an excellent business coach with a thorough understanding of business systems and the impacts of psychology on our results. She helps dissect each major problem into small, manageable tasks which are easy to complete and generate results which build momentum and confidence. She has a vast knowledge of business systems and income streams to help anyone increase revenues through streams they didn’t know existed. One of her key strengths is the deep knowledge of human psychology and she can help anyone overcome obstacles that begin in the mind initially and cause impacts on our business and everyday lives. I highly recommend her as a business coach and mentor… Edo Skenderovic

I am very fortunate to have Susie Ellis as my business coach. Her expertise and knowledge of how to package and sell a service goes far beyond measure. Over the last 8 months, Susie has been advising me on setting up my cultural marketing agency. She’s has helped me get a clear focus and understanding on what I’m offering and to whom, regardless of how niche it is. From the business branding to proofreading pitches that get sent out to clients, Susie’s sharp eye and keen insight is invaluable. My feeling of being on the edge of the start of success, is largely due to Susie’s guidance as being one of my company’s greatest asset… Peggy Jean-Louis

Susie has been a great help and positive influence by helping me to navigate my way through and build my two businesses in tandem. She is hugely supportive and has helped to build my confidence over time so that I can achieve bigger and better results, keeping me motivated along the way. Her advice is very practical, my business skills and approach to problem solving has hugely improved, I’m incredibly grateful for her support and advice.
… Rebecca Grierson

Boom Bust & Back Again:  Susie Ellis, you have been a wonderful critical friend throughout the process of writing this book.  I greatly appreciate all those long conversations & hours of dedication… Arsh Ellahi

Working with Susie has proved invaluable.  She has delved deep & dissected every area, to refine my goals, aspirations & intentions, for me personally, & work out what is important.  She has come up with strategies & business plans to streamline my business, it’s profitability & get it working for my future; including structure, staffing, finance & online presence.  She has also encouraged me personally & improved my understanding of my field.  I am incredibly grateful for her support & advice.  I totally recommend her as a coach… Mark Smith

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