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Why Yo-Yo Dieting Doesn’t Work

Why is it that when you go first go on a diet you lose weight but then when you stop dieting you gain the weight back & often gain even more?

It is estimated that 54% of people in the US are trying to lose weight & it’s said that a dieter will try a new plan four times a year…. Weight cycling, as experts call it, or repeated dieting, raises hormone levels which in turn causes you to start putting weight on around your midriff which research has linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

So why does this happen?  Well when you go on a diet & eat fewer calories or fewer carbohydrates, your body goes into famine response. You lose weight from your lean muscle and fluids because your blood sugar drops, your metabolic rate slows down & hormone glucagon is released which burns body


There is an increase in fat storage in your cells.  Then you get fed up with being hungry & miserable & cravings begin to intensify.  You start eating normally again or over-eat or re introduce carbohydrates.   This is called the feast response where you eat more calories than you need & you also regain more fat.  Then as the hormone insulin is released your blood sugar spikes which leads to weight & body fat increase.

A vicious circle…. which I can help you break…

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Written by Susie Ellis


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